Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 17

Isaiah 64:8  

 8 Yet, O LORD, you are our Father. 
       We are the clay, you are the potter; 
       we are all the work of your hand.  

He created us... but we have the RESPONSIBLITY to  "tend to the Body he created"....
It is our responsibility to Listen to our body, it tells us how we are doing as the Landlord of our Body.

You have been designed in such a way that your body speaks to you.  In the medical profession we call this "symptoms".

For instance,  the symptom of craving "ice" can be a symptom of anemia.
The symptom of aching neck and shoulder muscles can be a symptom of emotional stress/tension.
The symptom of headaches can be a symptom of dehydration or caffeine withdrawals.
The symptom of fatigue can be a symptom of fighting a virus or symptom of depression.

I believe our creator (here's that theme again for this week) put in place an incredible brain.
We just need to USE OUR BRAIN.

Respect the symptom!  It's a message from our body that we need to listen to.
Ok, so we may acknowledge a symptom but sometimes need to seek out help in discovering what is causing the symptom.  Yes, you can treat the symptom.... BUT don't you want to find the reason for the symptom ?

There are many times that you don't understand and even medically there is no explanation for a symptom.
That's when you pull out the instruction manual and then call the 800 number to get assistance.

     Funny way to say.... Read the Word of God and then talk to God!

It occurs to me that "we" humans are way to caught up in our symptoms.... kind of like those that like to watch reality shows - other peoples lives filled with drama.  Or the Movies with tension and conflict.

Haven't you heard those..... "oh, my I have such a headache.... " what they're saying is "look at me.. listen to me.... oh, my life is so hard... busy.... stressful...."    whatever people.

Step one of my "steps to success"  (check out the table in the back of the room for my latest CD's and books...... HA HA HA),   is to not EVER take possession of a symptom.

 Meaning,  NEVER Say I HAVE a .... headache.
Yet, it's ok to say "I'm fighting a Headache".  Words are SO very powerful.
When you speak the words "I have" you take possession of "it".
It becomes yours.

When your body is sending you a message like "ahhh my head hurts"... you need to send your body a message  like "I'm FIGHTING that headache".
Then stop and assess what could be the root of that headache.

It maybe as simple as dehydration or lack of sleep or food.
It maybe related to fighting a virus or allergies....
Hey, maybe you need to get your vision checked....
Maybe the new vitamins your taking are too much....
It maybe related to stress at work or with family.....
Ahhhhh,   .................It maybe related to unforgiveness or anger... some toxic emotion

Note: Did you know that  "some" people who suffer from migraines have a history of child abuse?
Or emotional trauma's has been linked to IBS) Our Body's hold's our hurts and come's out in illnesses.
Where do you "wear" your hurt?  In your head, stomach, joints....
Yes, about 20% of illness do NOT come from our mind.  But, 80%! wow.....

We ARE BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.  They all go hand in hand.
Mental issues can result  in  bodily symptoms - Toxic thoughts
Spiritual issues can result  in bodily symptoms - Toxic Spirit
Body issues can can result in bodily symptoms - Toxic Body

There is scientific research to back up these statements.  (read my footnotes ... Ha,Ha)
But it's true..... Medical science and even Eastern Medicine acknowledges the Mind body connection.

No matter what is causing the symptom.... Take it to the Creator!  PRAY!  Meditate and Listen!
So much better than a 800 number (like having to call for Computer Support! )

People, People, People..... "He that has ear's let him hear" (scripture verse)

You cry out (as I did) "why can't I lose weight".... "why am I always so tired" .... "why do I always feel sick".... blah ,  blah, blah,  waaa, waaaa, waaaa.

Yes, as a Nurse I hear it all the time from my patients.   Unfortunately, I am limited at work and unable to "pray with my patients" and talk about Spiritual Issues.   BUT THAT IS THE ANSWER!


TREAT the whole person.  When a symptom is acknowledged, assess the Body  but don't forget to assess the MIND and SPIRIT TOO!

Geese Louise people.   In all honesty people don't want to be accountable!
People today want a "microwave" cure.  No effort, just pop a pill and make it go away.
Stop with the ... "got to find the right diet plan" or can you believe the one about sprinkling something on your food to lose weight commercial?

Treat your body with respect - Healthy Foods, an Active Life (exercise) and READ THE WORD!

Enough sermon!
I'll get off the soap box.


The Two  Best way's to Detox your Body:
        Deep Breathing exercises - optimal is 20 minutes a day (google for instructions)
        Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day ( I like it with a "kiss of lemon")
Best way to Detox your Mind & Spirit:  
        Read the Word, Speak and Listen to your Creator and Savior - then LIVE IT

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