Monday, June 7, 2010

Cycle of life

The cycle:

It takes energy to exercise
It take energy to eat right (make healthy choices)

It takes eating right to obtain energy
It takes exercise to increase energy

No beginning, No end.....


This thinking is the epiphany of what happened today. After traveling I arrived and wanted to "snack"... not hungry, just craved a salty snack.

So, I went and took a nap. Kind of like in the movie "Avanti"... where the heavy women states her Doctor told her that she can't eat when sleeping, so SLEEP more!

Yet, after the nap I had no desire to snack.
AHHH! I get it. Fatigue leads to lack of will that translates into .... trying to fill the void, satisfy.... whatever it is that makes us give into eating.

Maybe that's one of the reasons that in the evening I have the most difficulty with snacking.


Salute! To YOUR health and wellness

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