Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Battles of LIFE

No doubt it is a struggle.

Poor night sleep
Fighting a illness
Personal challenges (fiance, relationship)

..... Feeling down, depressed, sad, disappointed, betrayed, scared, angry

So, saying "let it go, move on, don't let your emotions rule you"

Come on and get real. Saying those quotes mean nothing when your in the trenches of these emotions.

Put it into action
MAKE YOUR SELF SMILE! Your body senses the muscles around your mouth and sends out chemical markers stating "hey, she's happy... release more endorphins".

Quote Scripture Verses ! There is power in stating God's word... not the cliques of Man

Put a check on your nutrition - "are you lacking your Vitamin B's...?" these are Vitamins your body needs to battle Stress (can't escape stress in this world).

Fight Fatigue (sometimes from illness or depression) with stretches. This activity takes little energy and will put you on the right track! It will pull in oxygen to your muscles (heart is a muscle) and sends messages to your brain.

Drink your water with Lemon - Cup of Hot Tea with Lemon.... your 70% fluids so FILL UP!

Then.... SING SING SING - Sing out loud- Sing out Strong

Then... COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS not your troubles -
Name 7 things YOU ARE GRATEFUL for!

The battle is ON but.... YOU CAN WIN!

Don't give up and Don't give in!


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