Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thoughts about King David

The life of King David- a fascinating story and encouraging story

A shepard Chosen by God
Defeated a Giant and saved his people when he was a young boy!
Hated by King Saul who then tried to murder him, yet David obeyed God
David was Crowned King (wouldn't have happened if he didn't obey God)
Sinned against God while a King (committed adultery & murder)
Suffered loss's (his infant son died despite his fasting and prayers, son murdered by his other son)
Suffered heartache from his children (son abandoned him)

In his brokenness and heartache he sought God (read the Psalms)

He had to live with the consequences of his sin's.

His psalms speaks to everyone of us.

Although God had a Plan for Davids life, David sinned against God. Yet, He was reconciled to God but still had to live with the consequences of his sins.

I choose to serve God and walk with Him.
I can face any thing (Goliath type of problems) with the Lord besides me.
I must count the cost of my actions since I will surely face the consequences

1 Samuel 17

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