Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Whirl Wind of Thoughts

Interesting when we really "look".

Not with our eye's but with our heart.  When Our Heart looks at an event, and object or anything as a means of  seeking truth,  we find a treasure chest of "gems".  Little gems that encourage, teach and strengthen us.

My daughter, who has quite a green thumb, told me about her garden.  She began to pour out her excitement about the lessons one can learn about life through gardening. Working in the earth, planting, harvesting.  

How exciting for me as I thought - "wow, the love of gardening passed down through generations".  Sicilian Gardener's! Of course, eating from the fruits of our labors. My Grandma told similar stories.

The point is to LOOK for lessons that can be applied to OUR life.  Lessons that encourage, strengthen, illuminate the  purpose of living. 

My next thought is my new favorite movie that  I can watch a billion, trillion times.  "The Proposal with Sandra Bullock".  Right up there with Pillow Talk and You've got mail.  

The point is I was looking for the soundtrack, because I like a few of the songs (to play while exercising). 

I realized that had I heard some of these songs before seeing the movie I would have not given them a second chance.  BUT, when I associate the songs with the Movie - they take on new meaning.

Wow,  I guess my two thoughts today go together quite well (No coincidence I'm sure)

The way we look at things (events, circumstances, objects, people... etc) change when we filter them through our  desire to serve Christ. 
Philippians 1:21 
For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

Seeing the world through the eye's of Jesus.

Health and Wellness are acquired when we earnestly look for them.  
Seek them.  Desire them.

Have a little Talk with Jesus (a song) asking him for "his Eyes"

Stop and smell the roses is an expression that says "LOOK". (garden thing!)

Salute!  To your Health and Wellness 

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