Friday, March 5, 2010

There's something about that Name

Dear Lord,
Center me ..... in You.
For as I have found......when I seek YOU, I find what I really want and need. I am truly satisfied.

Still walking the journey....
The journey of seeking a life where my habits are centered in what brings me health and wellness.

Body, Mind and Spirit - Balance!
Yet the foundation is my love of JESUS.... because there is something about that NAME!

FEED YOUR SPIRIT ! Hunger after a relationship with Jesus

Great book to read -
The Principle of the Path to where you want to be by Andy Stanley

Pump up the work out -
30 minutes of breaking some "glow" and then stretches
- truly relieves those tight neck and shoulder muscles! Strength your lower back!
firm up, tighten up and FEEL great that your doing something RIGHT!

Are you looking at food as something your body NEEDS - GOOD
Are you looking at food as what brings health and wellness -GOOD
Are you looking at food like it will satisfy, bring you pleasure -STOP IT

Now go drink some water kissed with lemon and PEE!

Salute! to your health and wellness

SPEAK words of life, positive statements, say what you want to believe
then you'll WALK the TALK!

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