Friday, March 19, 2010

new day

Amazing that every morning you wake it is a NEW day. New? amazing that now matter how old you are, you have a chance for a NEW day.

A day to start fresh.

"how will NY152 Respond today". (ya gotta know I love my ol movies....)

Spending time starting my Day.... expecting to Hear from HIM and Live unto HIM today! Putting HIM first in all I do!

Child like faith..... hear the CHILDREN singing. BE His Child today! Trust HIM for EVERYTHING!

An absolute MUST - 64++ oz of water with Lemon today!

I recalled that at the Spa's there is always a Giant Beautiful Glass Container filled with Ice Water and Slices of Lemon, Limes or Oranges.... Ready to GO! Reminding you to drink each time you walk by. I think I'm going to do this too. Each day prepare this and set it out VISABLE (how dumb we don't do what we know to do...)

Now raise up those glasses! Salute!

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