Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 18 - Detox

Psalm 51:10 (King James Version)

10Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me

"21 days to Health and Wellness" is passionate about expressing

that we are Body, Soul and Spirit.

Balance brings wholeness.

It occurs to me that if a home was built with NO foundation, It would be a set up for frustration and failure. A Spiritual life style is the foundation of a persons life.

No matter how much time is spent on taking care of our home... furnishing, decorating, CLEANING, fixing/repairing, it would be a futile and endless task if it had a poor foundation.

Without a sure foundation the walls would not support the roof properly, the walls would crack. When a storm hit the home, "oh my" the work to keep the house standing.

Ok, so I don't know construction and should use a different analogy... but you get the point I'm sure.

This is what I believe to be as the core issue that can creates illness and even some diseases. A poor foundation. Neglect of a Healthy Spiritual Lifestyle.

Building our lives with focus on "our bodies, assets (Personal, relationships, work)" but neglecting our Spiritual life... failure!

Foundation of a home (Spirit)

Walls of a home (Body)

Roof of a home (Mind)

Ok, you got the picture


OK, now to the "detox" thing...

"Detox" diets. The rage of health guru's... I believe because they want to blame something other than poor lifestyle choices and find a "quick fix". Ok, I've do believe that our bodies are "bombarded by environmental toxins". But, look.... we have a fabulous system created by an amazing higher Being - GOD, designed lungs, liver, kidneys lymph system that is for that purpose. It'll do it's job IF, and I said IF you choose to live a healthy lifestyle. I don't say this lightly.

You can tell I'm not a believer in THE "detox diets". However, I am a believer in cleansing ourselves, body, mind and spirit.

Which brings me to say this. If you, me... we spend as much time thinking about detoxing our minds and spirits as we do our bodies.... we'd be on the right path to "Health and Wellness".


Let's hear from the Mayo Clinic ....


Detox diets: Do they offer any health benefits?

Do detox diets offer any health benefits?


from Michael Picco, M.D.

Detoxification, or detox, diets are touted by many as a way to remove "toxins" from the body. This practice stems from the belief that the food you consume contains a range of harmful substances, which accumulate in your body, causing fatigue, headaches, nausea and even disease. But there's no evidence that this is true or that detox diets have any health benefits. Also, in some cases, detox diets can have harmful side effects.

Detox diets vary. But the basic premise is to temporarily give up certain foods that are thought to contain "toxins," such as meat, sugar, certain grains, dairy products and caffeine. Detox diets typically start with fasting followed by a strict diet of raw vegetables, fruit and fruit juices, and water. In addition, some detox diets advocate using herbal laxatives, antioxidants and colon cleansing (enemas) to help "clean" out the intestine and liver. The duration of such regimens often ranges from seven to 10 days.

Some people report they feel better, "lighter," and more focused and energetic during and after detox diets. This may be due to their belief that they are doing something good for their bodies. But it may also be due to eating little — if anything — for several days. Calorie restriction can lead to heightened feelings of psychological well-being.

There is no evidence, however, that detox diets actually remove toxins from the body. Most ingested toxins are efficiently and effectively removed by the kidneys and liver and excreted in urine and stool.

Early side effects of fasting include headaches. Prolonged fasting or severe calorie restriction can result in anemia, low blood sugar and irregular heartbeat. Before going on a fast or detox diet, talk to your doctor.

The best diet is one based on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean sources of protein and unsaturated fats. Add regular exercise and stress reduction techniques, and you have a solid foundation for good health.


You see the mention of "stress reduction techniques? This is the worlds way of saying "spiritual life". There you have it... what I believe and why. Healthy FOODs are to naturally detox your bodies along with exercise. Exercise and Healthy foods for our MINDS and SPIRITS on a daily basis.

So, I do believe in detoxification of our bodies.... just naturally, the way God intended.


Now, I've mentioned in my blog and an author Caroline Leaf. Fantastic book on detoxing the mind. Title "Who switched off my brain" GOOD reading. She talks about how to "detox" your mind.

Again... let's talk foundation of our lives. The foundation for which we build our character, morals, decisions, focus, goals etc....

Our Spirit - this is who we really are. Made in His image. But, do we reflect that image to others? I hope I more like Him than Me.

Just a thought.


Psalm 139:23
Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:

My prayer and I hope your prayer.

Does a heart need to be "detoxed"? Ask God and Yourself too!:

un forgiveness, envy, resentment? These can cause Heart Disease!! There is a considerable amount of scientific research to support this.

So I will stop and do this.... close my eyes and take a deep cleansing breath then ask myself... WHO would I not want to sit next to and eat a meal with? Ahhhh, My "feelings" towards that person is Toxic "junk" stored in my heart. Ouch.

Only a "work out with God" can release us from un forgiveness, envy and or resentments. Who really is the one hurt by holding on to this junk? It's like the build up of "toxins" that these so called diets talk about. But THIS IS REAL. No, pill or drink or special diet can rid you of this kind of "junk" in your heart. It cloggs and constipates your ability to laugh, to be patient and tolerant... to enjoy a relationship with others and with GOD.

Wow, no judgement and believe me I'm talking to me toooooo! That's the essence of this "21 day to Health and Wellness". It's for me... sharing with you what I'm learning.

15/15/15 - that's 15 minutes of physical exercise to detox your Body every day

that's 15 minutes of mental exercise to detox your Brain every day

that's 15 minutes of spiritual exercise to detox your Spirit every day

45 minutes of taking care of YOU! Ahh the beautiful you, inside and out!

Detoxing the spirit today by opening up the Bible (God's ability to speak to you) and prayerfully (speaking to him) CLEANSE (detox) your heart today. Yes, 15 minutes!

Our body and mind will thank us.

Salute! To your Health and Wellness

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