Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11 - Half way there

Philippians 3:14

(New International Version)

14I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in

Christ Jesus.

It's Monday!
What is it about Mondays?
Today, I CHOOSE to not focus on me! (after weighing myself I thought of this).
Today, I Choose to Press Forward! To recognize that my weight (the number) is a distraction. It is one of
my battles . I need to Take responsibility for what I didn't do yesterday. Take responsibility for
what I NEED to do today.
1. Serve the Lord - Look for ways to please him with my words, thoughts and actions
2. Take care of the Temple of the Lord - Feed it healthy foods it needs for energy and life.
Exercise it's muscles (get that blood pumping!)
Monitor and feed my Mind; with thoughts that are
True, right, encouraging!!!! Positive!

15/15/15 today for LIFE! (15 minutes of Spiritual, Mental and Physical activities)


SPIRITUAL: Lord, forgive me for waking up ... standing on the scale and becoming discouraged because when I saw a wt gain. Help me to recall the story of Joshua. SEVEN days walking around the wall! Obedience! Faith! Courage! Focus on the what "God" was going to do. IT didn't happen in a day! Help me to know that it is MY responsibility to live a healthy life for YOU. For your glory. It's not the scale, It's not the number on the scale... it's my attitude, focus, direction, GOAL!
I'm defeating myself. Forgive me. I'm not ruled by my circumstance, I'm ruled by the word of God. Today,
I'm going to do what is right! Today I'm committing to you! IN YOU I live. AMEN

This morning I was looking for a article to support what I had previously read about "Journalizing". I want to track why somedays I see a drop on the scale and other day's I see a gain. I NEED to keep a Exercise and Food Journal. I know that Studies have showen that the participants that kept a journal lost a percentage higher during diet and exercise. This is what I found on line:
Although this is an article for weight loss - they use those words for attracting people's attention! Surely, if you live your life with the following advise - do you really think you'll continually loose weight? If that were true, you widdle yourself down to nothing. HA! Think about it!

I've Highlighted in RED - My suggestions to a LIFE Style change for "Health and Wellness"
Let's keep a "journal" for the next 5 days. keep it with you so you can right down everything you put in your mouth, and every time you have an activity that last longer that 5 minutes.

Now Get on the work out clothes, put on some "happy fun music" and get GOING


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