Saturday, January 2, 2010


Day 2- continued
Definition: Any association between two species populations
that live together is symbiotic, whether the species
benefit, harm, or have no effect on one another.

Mental, Physical and Spiritual! SYMBIOTIC!
In my search for answers "why I choose unhealthy food choices, when I CLEARLY KNOW they are wrong" I have unfolded a two facts:

FIRST: Habit
I have a history of eating for pleasure, I seek food during stress, I desire certain foods when I want to reward or comfort myself.... I hum and ahhh over a menu at a restaurant choosing what "sounds" good. Ya, know thinking "gee what do I FEEL like having".

Yet, why can't I use COMMON SENSE when choosing foods
KNOWING that I'll only feel worse and the effects are SAD making poor food choices.

Yes, I want to step back into the 80's and BLAME MY MOTHER. After all, "we're Italian" by heritage. So, the moment you wake up, sit up and make eye contact with your mama - It's ALL ABOUT FOOD! Ok, food sustains life. But, in my life food was the driving force for everything! "Your father works hard to put food on the table...." "Come sit, have something to eat..." "what's a matter??.... ahhh... Sit I'll make you something to eat!". I could go on and on.... but the reality is
I AM NOW AWARE OF THIS! Food is not the enemy, just a Money is not the evil.... it is the soul of MAN that is the problem.

SECOND: Spiritual Warfare
I don't want to point out the obvious -
For those who know the Lord, Who know the Word of God.... KNOW that only a relationship with the Lord Can Satisfy.
Emotional Eating, Eating for Socializing, Eating because ..... Well, really I've never really needed a reason to Eat. JUST .... Mangiare!

This past few months, I have become more and more convinced that being overweight and struggling with "diets" stems from having developed/aquired Unhealthy Habit and it is a SPIRITUAL Battle.
It makes me disappointed and Sad to see Nurses, Doctors and Ministers of the Gospel! - Overweight.
Yet, I better take the "chocolate layer cake" out of my eye before I judge others who have a chocolate chip in theirs!
How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?

That is why I'm on a mission, journey to discover the truth. For me!
21 days of developing new lifestyle habits: Physically, Spiritually and Mentally

BALANCE - Mental, physical and Spiritual. When one thing is not functioning properly it WILL affect the other two areas of our lives. It can't help it - they are intertwined, related, symbiotic. Think about when you stub your toe! A simple example. The Physical Pain is expressed by a scream (maybe a few expletives) ..... "OH GOD! Help me, that hurt". Then Fear sets in (Mental and Spiritual is involved in fear) that the toe may have broke!
Yap, Physical, Mental and Spiritual. I think you know what I'm talking about....

ok, lets go to the next step:
You walk past Cinnabon Store at the Mall and smell the fragrance of the warm Cinnamon rolls floating past your nose. Your mouth waters, your eye's light up and then BAM! You say " I don't really NEED that"... but your body mysteriously follows the aroma and you even STAND IN LINE to wait your turn to buy the stupid roll that you know isn't good for YOU!
Mental, Physical and Spiritual - BATTLE IS HAPPENING! Think about it!

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